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Cosmetic Dentistry, Space Maintainers and Mouth Guards

Regardless of your age, or the current condition of your teeth and gums, it’s never too late to be proactive about your oral care. Whether you feel self-conscious about your smile, or you’re looking to protect your perfect teeth during sporting activities, Ardent Dental Centre can advise you on the preferred methods. Contact our office today to discuss any of our services.

cosmetic dentistry

Are you looking to correct an imperfect smile? We provide the following cosmetic services:


  • Veneers
  • Bonding
  • Whitening/bleaching

Minor Orthodontic / Braces

Unwanted gaps between your teeth can lead to a variety of issues.

We can assist with the following:
  • Space maintainers
  • Minor tooth alignment
  • Crossbite correction

Mouth Guards

Your teeth are important. Safeguard your mouth from potential damage with our custom-fitted mouth guards.

  • Sports guards
  • Guards for people who grind their teeth during their sleep (bruxism)
  • Sleep apnea appliances (for sleep apnea or snoring)

All services are provided by a general dentist.

Direct billing

Smiling girl

Do you have questions about billing? Are you ready to book an appointment?

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